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Making an iPad Pro a Laptop Replacement

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From the time that the original iPad was released, people have been trying to make it a desktop / laptop replacement.  Other PC manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon, producing their own tablets, running both Windows and Android.  Ultimately, it was Microsoft that made the best inroads in the “PC killer” avenue, ironically with the Surface, until now.

The iPad Pro, with its new desktop-ish iPadOS, combined with support for peripherals that has been added in opens the door for the iPad to make the leap from a companion tablet to full fledged laptop replacement.  While reading the Cult of Mac, I read an article on a kickstarter campaign that brings the power of a laptop dock to the iPad Pro, giving it nearly equivalent abilities to a laptop.

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Early Mornings at my house

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With one person in the military, one person recovering from cancer treatments (he is in remission, and will be headed back to work next week, *YAY*), one freelance Project manager/developer, and me, mornings can get hectic.  

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Privilege and LGBTQ+ Rights

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The Catholic university where I work is making strides to be more inclusive in its views, and how it treats its students. The university offers several programs that not only acknowledge differences, but embrace them.

Several years ago, the university allowed a group of students, staff and faculty to come together to form the Rainbow Educators. This group works with organizations, departments and faculty to perform outreach and education on topics from understanding privilege to intersectionality to LGBTQ+ 101. Since its inception, the Rainbow Educator program has assembled around 20 presentations.

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Letters Never Meant to be Read Volume III

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I received a note today letting me know that the book Letters Never Meant to be Read Volum III has been published!  I have 4 letters / short stories in this book!  I hope you will check it out, and purchase one! 

Here is the shortened link of the kindle version for your viewing pleasure: Link

And here is a shortened link to the paperback version: Link

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