Early Mornings at my house

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Fortunately, or unfortunately -- I haven't decided which yet, the military has a "Let's do shit before God's awake" attitude, so Mr. Military is out the door normally by around 5:30 am.  

The rest of us tend to wake up somewhere in the 6:00 am range.  It's a pretty set routine.  Watch/read the news, have coffee, and then hop in the shower, before heading to that four letter word known as work.

Well, Mr. Military is being deployed for a month or so while their vessel undergoes sea trials and certifications.  Now Mr. Military prefers to get up before some people go to bed.  Typically anywhere from 3:0 am to around 4:30 am.  I'm not altogether convinced that after he leaves the military his schedule will have him going to bed as soon as he gets home, so he can get up at 2:00 am.  But that is something we will find out later.

He tends to over-estimate the amount of time it takes to go anywhere. It's a common problem in the household, and I'm giving up saying anything since I'm usually told or treated like I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. Last night was no different. In fact, I was told that I was being an ass. And I was a bit. 

So, as a result, we left the house at 5:15 am, stopped by Starbucks, and were on base by 5:45. I walked into work this morning at 6:00 am, coincidentally at the same time that Mr. Military wanted to be at his ship.  And I'm just totally shocked that, once again, I was right. 

And I'm betting that  I will have to do this again tomorrow since Mr. Military just texted me saying that they aren't leaving today. But I've learned to just keep my mouth shut because it does no good. I'm sure that if I even bring the fact that I was right, there will be a thousand excuses as to why today's trip was abnormally light.


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